Athens Music Week 2021
Hybrid Edition

Connecting Cultures. Inspiring Innovation
June 22-26 2021

The third edition of AMW held in June of 2021, just a short period after the 2nd lockdown, due to COVID-19, Athens Music Week 2021, was decided to be a "Hyrbid" event (connection physical & digital worlds). Just like the AMW2020 edition that was decided pretty soon, during the spring lockdown. The outcome was a programme that was broadcasted and live streamed via social media for 5 days and 1 day with live acts held at Technopolis Athens. AWM 2021 included the conference, panels, workshops and the live show, having 88 artists, 70 speakers from 26 countries. 

A white and blue donut - life saver was the main visual element. All artwork was based in two main colours following the classic poster design principles that we tend to follow in this project.

We designed all the digital material for the social media, targeting instagram and facebook mainly but also some elements for the website. The production team worked for over four months to produce the many hours of quality content that you can find here. or here

Creative Direction: Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Conference Director: Antonis Zouganelis
Communications / Press Office / Social Media Handling: Natalie Tsirigoti, Marina Sakelariou
Project Management / Marketing: John Mirabitas 
Digital Project Management / Web Design: Niki Sorοgas
Web Design & Development: LUV group
Video & Original Music score / Film & Edit / Post and Live Stream Director: Pink Element
Fonts Typography: Sporting Grotesque by Velvetyne

AMW 2021 TV Spot
AMW 2021 | Aftermovie
AMW 2021 Live Stage After Movie

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