Athens Music Week 2019. 
International music meeting, Convention and Showcase Festival
June 17 - 23 2019.

Logo and identity for the AMW festival 2019. The aim was to create a strong visual identity for this new music event in Athens. The symbol found on the logo is a composition of the three initials, the symbol of Athens (and goddess Athina - the owl) and the sound waves. We designed everything, the identity, the main visual for 2019, posters, banners in many sizes, all information for the events in every screen in Innovathens, everything for social media - especially focused on instagram, the printout programme, the custom made map with all the venues in Athens (the google map link is still active here). 
Athens Music Week (AMW)’s main goal is to promote Music as a tool for local development and drive innovation between stakeholders of the CCIs, entertainment and the music industry, in order to foster curiosity, boost creativity, entrepreneurship and social cohesion. 
AMW is planned as a multifaceted music experience event. With 4 complementary pillars –  Music & the City, Music Convention, Athens Music Walk, Music Innovation Hub – overall event is designed to motivate the broader public, to widen the music boundaries of music lovers and to enhance the creative process and the sustainable development of creative artists, musicians and professionals of the music sector.

Creative Direction: Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Client/Organiser: Athens Music Week, Georges Perrot @MESO Events 
Press Office/Marketing: Natalie Tsirigoti
Web Design, Social Media: Fillipos Chiras @Tourix
Social Media Handling/Videos: Mica Eio
Additional Video Animations: Lefteris Stamatelopoulos @Diadrassi
Fonts Typography: Sporting Grotesque by Velvetyne
Athens Music Week 2019, press conference

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