Amver Awards 2020 Αlbum

A special publication of a commemorative AMVER Awards 2020 album by the International Propeller Club of the United States, Port of Piraeus.
Every year, the Propeller Club, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Coast Guard, hosts a gala event celebrating the AMVER Awards. For 2020 year, and into Covid-19, and the challenges posed the event was cancelled. The Propeller Club chose to publish a luxurious Album dedicated to the AMVER Program and to the winners of the AMVER Awards for 2020. 
We were responsible for the design of this, sized 29x29cm and 156 pages publication, and working closely with the people of the International Propeller Club we managed to create a luxurious edition.
The album is placed inside a box. Covers is white ink printed on a dark blue paper with soft touch finishing. The album has four main sections, Messages and History, AMVER 2020 Rescue Awards describing the exact stories of the ships involved in the rescues, and the AMVER System 2019 Participants that is a list with the companies and the vessels that are part of the system. Finally a photo gallery with pictures from the 85 years of the International Propeller Club. 
(more here and here).

Project Manager, Producer: Gerasimos Katevatis
Design Director: Dimitris Kanellopoulos @Synthesee
Content Editor: Maggie Pouplis
Print Production: Ballas Promotion
Print and Binding: Altagrafico SA
Project Consultant: Peter Economidis @Felix BNI
Catalogue Photographer, for this presentation: Spyros Anastassatos

Photographers of the catalogue:
Emmanuela Bourbouhaki, Ilias and Thodoris Anagnostopoulos, Dionysios Paterakis, George Christakis and George M. Foustanos

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