Branding for Pelasgaea S.A.This was a big challenge for us, we were called to create everything from the scratch, the symbol and the logo, all the identity, promotional brochures, big banners for exhibition, gift box packaging for the clients. The main symbol is based on a field, the olive leafs, the olive seed, the letter “P”. We also designed some new icons based on the logo, in order to be placed in the website, that Eternal Optimists designed and produced, wonderfully. The branding is based on the the idea of “Delicious Happiness”, it’s the way all the products are promoted, based on happy feeling that arrive from the taste. Then the branding is combined with strong original images and black and white symbols.

Copywriting by Vasso Kanellopoulou
Gift Box by Daras Bros
Identity printing by Pletsas K.
Photos by Danai Issaris
For a much bigger view of the project please visit our website here.

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