On the shadow of fear 
Στη Σκιά του Φόβου

​​​​​​​ISBN 978-618-00-2103-5
Book design for "Στη Σκιά του Φόβου" written by Lefteris Stamatelopoulos. Two scripts in one edition. One for theatre and one for film. Each section designed with an appropriate typography focusing on the reader and how is easy it could be for two actors to comprehend the plays.
Designed before and during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Author: Lefteris Stamatelopoulos
Editorial Design: Dimitris Kanellopoulos @ Synthesee
First Publication: December 2020
Copies: 300
Pages: 84
Size: 14x20cm
Paper: Perrakis Pappers, Munken Pure 240gsm / Munken Pure 120gsm
Printed & book binding: Pressious Arvanitidis
Fonts: Parachute, PF Regal Text Pro, PF Regal Finesse Pro, PF Βague Sans Pro
Photos: Studio Anastassatos

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