Areti Anastopoulou
Logo, identity for a young dentist
We designed a fresh identity for a young dentist, Areti Anastopoulou. To create the brand we combined teeth, and the two "A"s of the first and last name of the client. We also incorporated a smiley face in order to make the mark relate to the smile faces of Areti's clients.

For the decoration of the dental clinic that was renovated we used a great quotation by Miguel de Cervantes: "Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond". We came up with a dynamic typographic solution. We used silver and white colours to make things as bright as possible. On the other wall, we had to come up with a nice idea to "dress" a glass door. So we used the vector tools by "Erato" and designed a girl with a great smile, also in silver colour.

Printed items: Panos Davias
Glass decoration: Tind

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