Waterline | an ode to decay
Ίσαλος Γραμμή | μια ωδή στην φθίση

Trailer Directed by Constantin Pilavios
Director of Photography Petros Nikolintais
A performance held at the 29 & 30th of June 2018 at Ichthyoskala Keratsiniou by  Dεcadēre theatre team along with musicians and members of the KAPI department of Nikaia - Renti. Artemis Grympla, active in theatre and improvisation, and movement director Alkistis Polychroni direct a study on human decay, drawing on prayers from several different world religions. Waterline begins as a fragment, with small individual prayers and unconnected sounds gradually transformed into a music score. The polyphonic ensemble consists of five actors, one musician and the singing choir of the KAPI department of Nikaia - Renti.

Poster Design, photo manipulation: Dimitris Kanellopoulos 
Direction, Motion Graphics: Constantin Pilavios

Set and play photographer: Elina Giounanli
Fonts: George Triantafyllakos
Concept / Dramaturgy: Dεcadēre Theatre Group
Music by: Gary Salomon
Directed by: Artemis Grympla, Alkistis Polychroni

Director of Movement: Alkistis Polychroni
Assistant Directors: Eva Diamanti, Agapi Iliadou
Costumes by: Vassiliki Syrma
Set Design by: Alexandros Lagopoulos
Light Design by: Alexandros Alexandrou
Production Managers: Agapi Iliadou, Eva Diamanti
Executive Producer: Giorgos Syrmas

Performed by: Panagiotis Gavrelas, Artemis Grympla, Agapi Iliadou, Iris Kandri, Stephanos Mwange, Alkistis Polychroni, Yiannis Spanos, Lygeri Tampakopoulou, Gary Salomon and choir members of the Open Care Center for the elderly of Agios Ioannis Redis under the guidance of maestro Anastasios Anastasopoulos

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