Stigma-Free: For the Mental Health and Wellness of People Living with and Affected by HIV
On World Mental Health Day, December 1st 2023, EATG launched a campaign to raise awareness among healthcare professionals and community around intersectional stigma and discrimination faced by people living with HIV and affected communities and the impact it has on their mental health and health outcomes. In addition, they aim to contribute towards the recognition and integration of non-medicalised services and peer-led programmes in the response to mental health issues affecting people living with HIV.
We were responsible for the branding and other visual elements that were used both on social media as well as in the 19th European AIDS Conference. Posters in various sizes, t-shirts in multiple colours, flyers in different languages, social media posts in different formats and the animated version of the logo for the video of interviews from HIV experts that was launched. We also designed multiple quote cards that were used in the conference by people who participated in the Stigma Free campaign.


Design: Dimitris
Branding, Animations, Design, Video Editing: Anna Vitsa, Marina
Videographer: Martin Montiel 
Fonts: Peridot PE by Foundry 5
Prints: MacArt
T-shirts: VisualGraphics

Project coordinators
Communications / Project Management: Apostolos Kalogiannis
Project Coordinator: Chiara Longhi

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