Pelasgaea Deli
Following the creation of the branding of Pelasgaea and the design of their products' packaging, we collaborated with art director Sergio Kotsovoulos in order to design the first Pelasgaea Deli.
The aim was that optically the Deli should echo what we did with the packaging of Anthia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To do that, we took the grid system on which the positioning of all the pattern elements is based and applied it on the walls of the Deli. As a result, all objects that serve a function follow the grid and in some cases, as with some of the selves, the grid actually dictates their shape. 
The same goes for the main display furniture which can also rotate 360˚. As a result the furniture can be moved to fit in the shop's window and change the feeling of the space. Pelasgaea Deli opened its doors in May 15, 2015. It is located in a beautiful area of Athens, in walking distance from the Athens Acropolis Museum.

Art Direction/Interior Design: Sergio Kotsovoulos
Project Photos: Dannai Isaris

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