The Salad Project 
The Salad Project a small salad dinner in the heart of Athens. Established at 2014 and it's really close to the Acropolis area. They mostly serve fresh salads, which is kind of unique for delivery or take away in Athens. 

For the brand we came up with a classic P and S symbol that resembles a salad leaf, and match it with a bright green, which is the only color in the whole brand identity. We also designed a series of symbols to illustrate the categories of their offered products (fresh juices, yogurts and so on) and that gave us a nice pattern that we used for their print applications and packaging system. Their main tool is an eight page menu which has all the (detailed) info for the salads. We also designed a few things for the store, such as signage, window stickers and a series of small flyers that accompany the menu. 

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