Suddenly this summer #10, film tribute
22 - 28 July and September 16th - 23rd 2021 | Cine Riviera, Athens Greece

The 10th edition. Ten poster for the ten edition + 1 for the main poster. For the tenth edition for's film tribute. This year the film tribute was expanded in two periods, one week and sixteen movies for the first week in July and fourteen for the second week in September. 
We wanted to expand the artwork and create a celebration feeling to the tribute, so we designed 10 single posters having the number ten as the main concept. Each poster was custom designed and some letters are based on cameras, or people, or eye or a film projector and a classic black and white + red colour selection. The final poster is a big typographic composition of all ten posters. For the September week, we changed the background colour to red so it could be easily visually different that this is the same event but in a different period of time. For the dailies, the posters for every film, we kept one number 10 and a basic layout for the typography and a photograph.
More on the artwork and how we got at this solution (in Greek) here.
You can also find all the posters designed for the same film tribute for 2012-2015, 2016 and 20172018, 2019, 2020.

Τhis project was recognised in the best print awards by DesignRush.

Cinema: Riviera
Prints: Copyexpress

2021 EBGE Finalist, Poster Design
2022 Ecuador Poster Biennale Selection/ Category B. Social Cultural and Political.
27th October 2022, Centro Cultural Metropolitano, Quido, Ecuador

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