Athens Music Week
June 22-24 2022

Athens Music Week (AMW) is a Βοutique conference & showcase festival, which takes place in the City of Athens, each June, set in several locations, sites, and venues, such as the “Technopolis Athens” hub of cultural events.  It is an alternative destination, where music fans and industry experts from “Eastern Med” countries meet to interact, share diversified music experiences, and exchange knowledge regarding contemporary multi-cultural market directions.

For the fourth, 2022 edition and as we had full live action, a series of applications were designed, for both online and offline media. The production team wanted a different approach this year so we firstly redesigned (our own) main logo of the event. This time we went with a bit more bold approach, creating a AMW symbol that resembles "a wire", a cable that is plugged in music instruments and amplifies the sound. This symbol was the main design element along with the, always clear, typography. A small colour system was applied throughout the applications. The team worked for more than seven months to run, produce and host this event. 

Μore visuals and info in this nice doc from Rise TV.
Design Direction:
Dimitris Kanellopoulos @Synthesee
Design, Animation & web banners:
Pari Pateli, Marina Tzatzo @Synthesee
Video & Original Music score / Film & Edit / Post Video Director: 
Pink Element
Founder & Artistic Director: 
Georges Perot @MESO Events
Conference Director: 
Antonis Zouganelis
Project Management / Marketing Director: 
John Mirabitas 
Communications / Press Office / Social Media Handling: 
Natalie TsirigotiPhoebe KonstantinidiAkrivi Giannoula
Rise TV Photographers / Videographers: 
Thodoris M.Sanidas, Stathis Vasileiadis

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