Music Day 2020
Held in the longest day of June of 2020, the 21st, just a short period after the first lockdown, due to COVID-19, European Music Day, was decided to be a "digital only" event. 

That's why we had to alter the main artwork, that in the end represented the music waves that travel beyond the barriers of the 4 walls we all lived in at that period. The European programme included live acts from 12 cities and a 4 hours live-streamed music marathon, offering everyone, a music journey. The Greek version with acts from 27 places around the country live-streamed for almost 8 hours via facebook.

Creative Direction: Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Press Office / Marketing / Social Media Handling: Natalie TsirigotiVasiliki KanellopoulouAnta Paparapti 
Web Design / Development / Live Stream Production: Efthimios Mavrikas, Evita AndritsouDaphne Christoforidou ad axem
Videographer / Virtual Storyteller/ Music: Pink Element
Fonts Typography: Panoptic by

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